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Professionals dedicated to providing the finest in janitorial services.

Serving the Bakersfield area since 1979

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"We realize that your building reflects your business to the Bakersfield community and we want to help you project a pleasant and professional image to your clients"

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Have questions?  Need to setup a free estimate?  We understand that when you call a business you want someone there to answer your calls.  We'll be there to take your call.

Use the link below to see a Basic Janitorial Checklist.

This list shows many of the office cleaning and janitorial services  that you may want preformed in your offices.  One thing to remember is that janitorial service providers are contract cleaners, meaning the provider will only preform the services you have contracted for them to do. If your cleaning needs change or you want to change the frequency services are to be done, be sure to meet with your janitorial service provider to discuss the needed changes to the service contract



Now is the time...

If your looking at our website you are probably thinking about hiring a new janitorial service. If so here are a few points that can help you receive comparative bid proposals.

1. Be very specific on what services you need preformed and how often. If your not sure how often special services( carpet cleaning, floor stripping etc.) need to be done, ask the services contractor to provide separate prices on those services and have them preformed upon request.

2. Be sure all the prospective companies being considered are given the same information. If not bid proposals will not be comparative.

3. Let services contractors know the problems you are currently having and ask what they would do to correct the problems.

4. If you get a bid proposal back and are looking at a lot of graphs and flow charts be sure somewhere in the proposal the company has spelled out exactly what services they are going to provide you and how often those services will be done. Remember graphs or charts add a little flash but it truly is all about the services they are going to provide your business.